i need a brief summary of book 2, the odyssey?i want it simple and short but that explains book 2 very well.

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shake99 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In book 2, the reader sees Telemachus trying to step into Odysseus’  shoes. He is unable to get support from the assembly. This shows how much Odysseus’ influence has waned. The assembly never would have opposed Odysseus of his family before Odysseus left for the war 20 years earlier. Now, the suitors have increased their power and influence, and are able to prevent Telemachus from getting the help he wants from the assembly. Telemachus realizes that the suitors are eating them out of house and home, so he travels to Pylos on his own to ask King Nestor if he knows what happened to Odysseus following the Trojan War. Athena, who supports Odysseus throughout the epic, also helps Telemachus. She disguises herself as the human being Mentor.

Telemachus does not get good news from Nestor.