What are some suggestions for meaningful annotations of The Count of Monte Cristo?

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One of the most difficult or challenging aspects of The Count of Monte Cristo is the huge cast of characters.  With all those names to remember and keep up with, it can be difficult to remember who did what!  As you annotate, I recommend that you also start a running list of which characters appear in each chapter.  As you come across a major character, take a second and go to the beginning of the chapter and jot that character's name down.  This will help you start to keep track of when and where the characters appear; now, as you read the chapter and something important or significant happens to that character--go back to your list at the beginning of the chapter and make a note about that character.  Keeping a running tab on the characters and their actions will definitely help you get a handle on the action and understanding the characters' motivations and will be extremely helpful in terms of reviewing before the exam.