Black Boy: A Record of Childhood and Youth

by Richard Wright

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I need to Analyze using a Multi media presentation the quote "She slammed the door and I heard the key turn in the...beaten at home or away from home"

Any Ideas?

Expert Answers

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I visualize perhaps showing doors slamming and keys turning in various paces and manifestations; a woman could be shot in mutiple lengths and widths of display. A child might be shot from the back only as the woman slams the door in his face.

Do some shots extremely slowly, then shoot various doors slamming quickly and simulatenously. It can be the same woman and child or several sets of people. Show various female hands turning the keys in the locks: conventional keys, absurdly large keys, even a child's play set of keys. You could intersperse images, also at various paces and severity, of pictures of abused children and perhaps also of abused women.

You could use Microsoft's Photostory (a free download) to do this relatively easily. Maybe also find various songs about locks and keys and abuse to play in the background as these images roll past. You may also want to narrate this portion of Wright's story before the images roll or while they are rolling.

Check out mulitmedia artist Bill Viola's work for some ideas about framing and pacing your images. Here's a link to his work:

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