What are the major lessons or themes of the Jewish holidays or festivals of Passover and Sukkot, and how are Jewish laws and customs related to those lessons and themes?

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 The two Jewish days or periods of commemoration, Passover and Sukkot, are at different ends of the calender, but are closely related.  Both involve the Biblical story of Exodus, and both involve activities designed to remind Jews of their history while also celebrating their deliverance.

Passover, of course, is the day, always in the Spring, when Jews gather to recite the Biblical story of their enslavement in Egypt, their deliverance from brutal captivity, and their trek through the desert on their way to the land promised them by God.  Every Passover, the Haggadah is read, the story recited individually by everyone at the Sedar table, and certain foods associated with the story are ritualistically prepared and consumed.  For example, matzoh is...

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