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need an outline for a biographical approach essay on Julia Alvarez and her poem queens,1963

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Below is an idea of an outline that would contain Julia Alvarez' biographical information, as well as information of some of her literary writings. 



Thesis: As a daughter of an immigrant family, Julia Alvarez writes of the difficulty one faces after immigrating to America, "knowing [he or she] could never be the right kind of American," as Alvarez writes in her poem "Queens, 1963."  

I. Introduction

   A. Born an American

   B.  A Move back to Dominican Republic

II. Coming to America

     A. First impressions

     B. Adjustment difficulties

     C. Other Americans' expectations of immigrants

II. Facing Racism  

    A. Racist immigrants

    B. Neighborhood racism

III.  Entering The Melting Pot

    A. Multicultural neighbors

    B. Suspicious neighbors

    C. Confrontations

IV.  Becoming an American Writer

    A. As a poet

        1. "Queens, 1963"

        2.  The Homecoming (Poetry Collection)

    B. Other Literary Works

        1. "My English"

        2. How the García Girls Lost Their Accents

V. Conclusion


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