I need an outline about the negative effects of beer on man.Effects Of Excessive Beer Drinking

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Much of what you will be able to develop on such a paper is entirely dependent on what evidence you have and what you can prove with analysis and substantiation.  I don't think anyone can write an outline for you, in general, and certainly won't be able to give you much in the way of guidance without these issues being addressed.  The best path would be for you to start examining what evidence you have and what you can start proving.  In an essay of this topic, you will need to clearly argue the dangers in beer consumption, and this will have to go through the road of support and substantiation.  Addressing and taking stock of what you have will allow you to develop main points in your work and this will start the process of starting your outline.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Effects of excessive beer drinking of men are not very different from effects of excessive drinking of any alcoholic beverages. What matters is the total alcoholic contents consumed and the resultant concentration of alcohol in the blood.

The harmful effects of excessive drinking can be grouped in three categories - immediate effect, the morning after and the long term effect.

The immediate effects are lowered mental acuity, increase in reaction time, slurred speech and lack of muscular coordination. To what extent these happen depends on the level of concentration of alcohol in blood. Technical a person is considered to be drunk when the level of alcohol reaches 0.1 percent. But the above problems start appearing even before reaching his level. The problems aggravate as the alcohol level increases. At 0.5 percent level of concentration is likely to lead to death. However, normally it is not possible for a person to consume enough beer in a short span to cause alcohol levels in blood to rise that much.

The frequent urination associated with beer drinking is due to the amount of water consumed as well as because of changes in pattern of release of some chemicals in the body that reduce urination.

The hangover that is experienced the morning after includes problems like throbbing headache, nausea, dry mouth, vertigo, diarrhea, and fatigue. Excess consumption of alcohol also causes acidity in stomach. The severity of these problems and how long they last is dependent on the extent of drinking.

One of the most commonly observed long term effect of drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages is gaining excessive weight. This is because Alcoholic drinks contain fairly good amount of calories. Also the volume of excessive beer taken regularly tends to make the stomach and enlarge its volumetric capacity, This in turn increases the tendency of a person to eat more.

Other long term adverse health effect of excessive drinking include damage to digestive tract, lever and kidneys. Drinking also damages the brain and nervous system that effect intellectual abilities, muscular coordination. It can also cause paralysis of the eye.

revolution | Student

Beer, despite being the world's oldest and widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, have some negative impacts in mankind's health if abused. If drinking heavily and above the alcohol limit, the long-term effects would be that you would have liver damage and develop alcoholism. It would also destroy brain cells, and may even cause brain deficits, memory problems, and degenerating your sensory, motor and verbal skills until you become dumb. You would suffered from intoxication, have a hangover and suffer from bad gas.

lola21 | Student

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