I need an example of a sentence using the word tumultuous.

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tumultuous is used with reference to something that turns out to be noisy and disorderly, creates a disturbance and uproar and raises a lot of commotion. It could refer to something as harmless a celebration by students that goes a little out of control.

For example, "After the tumultuous celebration by the high school students last year the teachers have decided to not allow the annual event to be held in the hall this year."

Tumultuous can also be used to describe a lot of agitation or turbulence in thoughts. For example, “The tumultuous dream that the captain kept having made it very difficult for him to sleep though the sea was now quite."

teacherpd | Student

eg : The lady escaped a rather tumultous relationship three years ago.

pammyteacher-rocks | Student

If you are in a tumultuous relationship you should get out of it now because life is too short.

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