I need a discussion of a recent example of a corruption case in a public organization.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the recent case brought against Wal- Mart's enterprises in Mexico is an example of a business corruption case that is worthy of study.  Essentially, the Wal- Mart brand in Mexico, Wal Mart de Mexico, had bribed government officials for a variety of favors such as construction permits and lax enforcement of governmental rules and regulations.  The Wal- Mart corporation sought to "hush up" the affair and not publicly disclose it or seek to fix the situation.  The disclosure of the affair came through the media and once the story broke, Wal- Mart stock dropped significantly.  Some shareholders of Wal- Mart have brought suit against the company for the affair, and for this reason, Wal- Mart finds itself having to not only explain its actions in regards to the Mexico branch, but also disclose and assess how it does business abroad in all of its operations.  The Wal- Mart brand name has taken a significant hit in this for it reaffirms the narrative that the company takes short cuts and what it does abroad, it probably does domestically in a more surreptitious form.

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