I need an essay. the topics are: 1. Despite the crime in south africa,south africa is the best country to live in 2. Yes I canEssay must contain 300 -350 words

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In composing any essay, I think that the writer has to decide where they are able to offer the best level of thought and analysis.  This might rely on what evidence one has or what topics feel the most comfortable.  This might be where some level of soul searching is needed on your part.  From my own point of view, if you have the evidence or analysis, then the crime topic might be fascinating.  I would think that some level of data collection is needed and sociological analysis would also help.  The second topic sounds more persuasive as to why you would feel South Africa is the best nation in which to live. I think you have to be able to feel comfortable with the persuasive element in writing and possess some very strong reasons.  The last topic is a bit unclear, but I would presume that it is an exercise in  a narrative mode.  In the final analysis, each topic possesses different qualities in terms of presenting expository analysis, elements of persuasion, or personal recollection and reflection.  Depending on your level of comfort with a specific style of writing, your decision can be made.