I need help writing an essay on how Rick Braithwaite develops through the story in the book TO SIR WITH LOVE

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would think that one of the best ways to approach this topic would be to chart how Braithwaite changes as a teacher in his approach with students.  Perhaps, this could begin with analyzing how he functions as a teacher at the start of the work.  He examines his classroom as something temporary and not permanent.  There is a level of detachment between he and the students, which allows much of their behavior to derail his attempts.  He is more susceptible to the faculty lounge gossip and presents himself in a tentative and reticent manner.  Over the course of the work, though, this changes as his methodology begins to form as he becomes more engaged within what he is doing and more interactive with the children.  He begins to withstand the barbs of the other faculty, and is more committed to the idea that what he is doing holds meaning and purpose.  Charting this change in both his approaches as teacher and person might be a good way to begin and develop this paper.