Can you guide me on how to write a short, 150 word, essay about "Spreading Greenery for a Healthy Living"?  I don't know where to start.

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In urban areas, concrete and asphalt can deplete plants to the extent that the oxygen plants produce is greatly decreased, while the carbon dioxide man produces is increased. Whether plants are used to freshen our air or nourish our bodies, greenery must be spread rather than depleted. The public at large is beginning to understand that getting back to natural foods is the healthy response to food-based illnesses.

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Instead of writing an essay for you, as an educator, it is much better to teach you how to write an essay on your topic (Spreading Greenery for a Healthy Living). One can take two different approaches to this topic: cause/effect or persuasion.

In order to write a cause and effect essay on this topic, one would examine and define the beneficial nature that spreading greenery has upon a healthy living. One would need to provide examples of how spreading greenery impacts one's living in a healthy way. 

In order to write a persuasion essay on this topic, one would need to find logical and reasonable examples which would support the argument that spreading greenery leads to healthy living. 

In order to begin either essay, one must be sure to define what "spreading greenery" refers to or means. Without this, readers may be confused or lose interest in the idea that it (spreading greenery) has upon one's life. 

Linked below is a reference to Ralph Waldo Emerson's ideas about nature and its impact upon mankind. 

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