I need an article about how standardized exit exams help recognize students weren't taught right by the teachermagazine or newspaper no editorial or opinated sources  

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dkgarran eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This article talks about exit exams in California: http://www.calexitexam.com/calexit-news.html

This article discusses exit exams as they relate to special education students:


Lastly, this is a policy brief that addresses this issue as it relates to middle school students:


As a teacher, I have to say that although the government is looking to point its finger at teachers for the failure of some students, it is not entirely the teacher who is to blame. I wish that the government would look at situations which impede students' ability to succeed such as homelessness, substance use, parental neglect and the like. Additionally, no matter how wonderful and skilled the teacher, there are always going to be some students whose absolute unwillingness to learn and negative attitude cannot be overcome.

rohare eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This article discusses test effectiveness and its use in evaluating program effectiveness:


Standardized academic tests can be used with IQ and processing tests to determine whether or not a student is failing due to a lack of educational experience or a learning disability.


However, whether or not students weren't taught effectively by a teacher is a complex evaluation.  Standardized academic tests could be one measure toward that determination, but there are many other components which would need to be measured.