I need advice with good/creative ideas on how to create an animal cell in power point. Is there any site with templates, because I need to add 10 organelles.

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think one creative thing that you could do is overlay the various animal cells over the part of the animal's body where the cell would be found.

For example, take an image of an animal muscle cell and place it over the muscle structure of a gorilla or lion. Adding to this, you could address the difference between procaryotic and eucaryotic cells.

As for PowerPoint templates related to animals, a good site to check is tagged below.


This site offers great scientific centered templates.

Given that there are multiple images of animal cells on the Internet, you would not need to create an actual image for your presentation. Instead, copy an image from the web and be creative with placement and presentation (like exampled above).

srediaz | Student

A simple way to create a PowerPoint of an animal cell with organelles would be to create your own template. Find or create a picture of the outline of a cell and make it your slide's background. Add an organelle by creating one with PowerPoint's shape and/or drawing tools. Duplicate the slide. Then add a new organelle, again with the application's shape and/or drawing tools. Duplicate and add elements as many times as needed.

To format a slide's background, go to the Format menu and select Slide background. Choose the picture option.

To find the drawing tools, go to the View menu. Select Toolbars. Then select Drawing. Alternately, you can find the same tools in the Toolbox.

Click on the Insert menu and select Duplicate slide to add a copy of the slide you are currently looking at.

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