I need the activities before reading and after reading of the book Pride and Prejudice of Jane Austen, Oxford Booksworms Library No. 6.

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There are many ways to approach literature activities for Pride and Prejudice, but here are some suggestions: Before reading, examine the life of the middle class in England during this period. What is a woman's role in the middle class? What was the class structure in England during this time? Get information on the author and try to uncover why Jane Austen wrote this work. What are a few comments that critics have made about this novel that interest you?

After reading here are some ideas: What is Mr. Wickham's function in the novel? Read Robinson Crusoe, another novel that explores moving beyond one's class. How do the middle class function when raised to gentry? Does gender play a role? How does Austen engage you on issues of class? Discuss the different romantic pairings, and write informal journals as if you were one of the partners. Research coats of arms and draw a coat of arms for Mr. Darcy, explaining the symbolism of each crest. Explore Elizabeth's character; why is Mr. Darcy interested in her? Choose passages you think are important and discuss whose point of view the passage is presented, what are key words, and why you think the passage is important. Lots of ways to enjoy and study this work!!!


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