I need a comparison between Blake's critical theory and that of William Wordsworth's theor.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one of the critical differences between both writers' theories was that Wordsworth was much more pronounced in articulating Romanticism.  Wordsworth and Coleridge were quite conscious of their place in articulating a new movement.  For Blake, this was understood, in terms of him representing a different intellectual current.  Yet, without the solidarity of other poets, such as what Wordsworth enjoyed from Coleridge, Blake was less pronounced about ushering in a new intellectual current.  For example, Wordsworth and Coleridge write about what Romanticism is to entail, define it against Neoclassical thought, and revel in being the leaders of a new movement.  Blake is associated with this, but in the writings of Blake, one does not get the same level of driven intensity about what Romanticism is as one does in Wordsworth's work.  This might help to account while Blake was criticized in his lifetime, while Wordsworth revered for his contributions, even though both were part of the same movement and shared the same thinking.