I need a 500 words opinion on producers duties to the consumer?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would think that much of this can come from any discussions, handouts, readings, or instructor analysis that has been presented to you.  You might have to incorporate some of these elements in your writing.  The previous thoughts were well conceived.  I do feel that you would want to mention the interest of public safety mandated either by sense of government or sense of social right or wrong that discloses any harmful threats or conditions to consumers.  This would involve disclosing where products are manufactured and what components were needed in assembling the products in question.  At the same time, I think that producers have a responsibility to make sure that they are pricing their product in line with similar products in the marketplace.  Naturally, the market does regulate itself, but I think that prevention of price gouging is a responsibility of the producer.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The most important duty of the producers towards consumes id to design, produce and sell them the products that meet the stated and implied product characteristics. The products characteristics include not only the explicit claims about the product quality and quantity made about the product by the producers, but also the generally accepted standards of product performance including that of safety and durability. It is also the duty of producers to not to overcharge the consumer opportunistically in case of shortages.

In addition a producer also has the duty to inform the consumer about the right selection and usage of the product. For example, it is unethical for a producer to induce consumers to pay extra for features in products that they do not require or will not be able to use. Similarly, it is unethical for producers to induce consumers to use more of a product than is actually necessary.

thewriter | Student

I cannot provide you a 500 word essay but you can develop on the following points to create it.

Producers have an obligation to only sell safe products to their consumers. For each activity that a producer undertakes, they have to:
1. Provide their consumers with the right information that will enable them to assess the risks that may be inherent in the use of a product through its normal period of use. The consumer should know about all the risks when without warnings from the producer they are not apparent. Even providing these warnings does not absolve the producer from selling products that may be dangerous and injurious to the consumers.
2. Producers should adopt measures that are commensurate with the characteristics of the products they supply; which would enable consumers to be informed of risks that accompany the products and also take appropriate action, when necessary, by  withdrawing products from the market.
3. Some measures to be adopted include:

  • proper marking of products or product batches so they can be identified
  • doing adequate sample testing of products before they are sold
  • dealing with complaints of consumers and keeping distributors informed of what they should do in such cases

In addition producers have the responsibility to price their products appropriately and not try to misuse in any way situations where their product has a high demand, is essential or the producer enjoys a monopoly.