Please provide ideas for questions (with answers) relating to the first half of The Story of My Life by Helen Keller.     2-3 sentences of answers

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The Story of my Life by Helen Keller is an autobiographical account of the first twenty-two years of her life. It is therefore NOT a novel which is a fictitious story of possible real events or lifelike situations so that it has an element of realism.

Helen recounts many situations which occur, many of which are life-changing and so questions that feature prominent events would be a good place to start. For example,

1)  Who is Helen Keller referring to when she says..."was to set       my spirit free".....Ann Sullivan, her teacher

2)   Why is Dr Alexander Graham Bell so important in Helen's       development?....He recommends The Perkins Institute where Ann Sullivan comes from .(There could be other suitable answers ...He understands her signs. he becomes her lifelong friend, and so on)

3)   Describe Helen's relationship with her younger sister Mildred and one particular incident between them......At first Helen is jealous of her sister's interference with her mother's time and affection and throws Mildred out of a cradle but afterwards they become firm friends OR ...refer to other times when on holiday together, etc.

4)   Why did Helen Keller write The Story of My Life? inspire others, to help others, to show how a disabled person can succeed, to reveal the support she received from family and friends....all these would be sufficient answers.

Hopefully these questions will start you off. You can ask direct questions about the meaning of famous quotations from the book. You can split question three (above)into more than one question. Use question four to create more questions about the themes in the book. You can create categories of questions including some from before her illness. Ask questions about the senses she used, and so on.

Good luck!


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