What are 5 examples of higher-level thinking questions from pages 61-80 in Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak.

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The novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is one that makes the reader think. Below are 5 examples of possible higher-level thinking questions for pages 61-80. Use specific textual evidence (i.e. quotes) to support your answers.

1. Explain Melinda's reason  for digging the turkey bones out of the trash and her process of using them effectively in art class, (61).

2. Discuss what's changed between Ivy and Melinda in these pages. How is it made evident to the reader? What might this foreshadow for the future?

3. Illustrate the importance of rules to David Petrakis between "Peeled and Cored" and "First Amendment, Second Verse."

4. The gift-giving event of "Winter Break" is particularly important to Melinda's understanding of her parents and their relationship as a whole. Specifically, what about it exemplifies their inability to speak as a family?

5. What does the students' behavior in Mr. Freeman's room illustrate about their feelings for him? What might his room symbolize?

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