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I need 4 possible reasons for the trend toward a "snacking lifestyle."

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Snacks were traditionally designed to assuage hunger in between meals. However, a snacking lifestyle makes own think that the meal itself is consumed quickly and not necessarily on nutritious foods. Perhaps one reason is because it is available easily and needs little preparation. Another reason is because of the taste;snack foods are generally sweet, salty, rich in fats and therefore taste good to most people. Busy lifestyles may be another reason for a snacking lifestyle as people may not all be present in the household to sit down to a traditional meal. It may also be less cost prohibitive to eat meals that are snacks than a large, home-cooked traditional meal.

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lindalou2 | Student

social snacking - parties, get togethers

television commercials aimed at food

a more sedentary lifestyle

busy schedules where snacks replace meals

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hi friend i think in this new generation always follow fast food items,it will affect our health.through this many of symptoms may arise,so in my openion we must follow the homely food and add some fruit items as food.this is only my openion to keep our body always healthy and strong.