I need 3 solid reasons/examples why Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby is considered to be a Tragic hero. Sources would greatly help as well!Examples to back up a thesis!

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Doug Stuva eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby can be considered a tragic hero, because he brings about his own downfall.  The story of his love for Daisy is one of the great love stories of American literature.  He sees being with her as the culmination of his dream, his life.  He needs her to be complete.  Even though she's married he buys a mansion close to her, holds lavish parties so that she'll here about them and maybe even come herself, and uses Nick (Daisy's cousin) to finally meet her.  He believes that the love he and Daisy felt in the past was so strong and so special that Daisy couldn't possibly have loved her husband when she married him, and will leave him for Gatsby if he can just meet her and rekindle the romance.  This belief is his undoing.  He is naive.  Daisy will not state that she never loved Tom and she does not leave Tom.  Gatsby's love for Daisy is romantic and beautiful, but ultimately misguided.  His obsession and naivete doom him to failure.

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