I need 3 quotes from "The Necklace" that show how Madame Loisel is dissatisfied.

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Madame Loisel is not satisfied with her life, because although she is a beauty, she wants to be rich.  Her husband gets invited to a party, and she will not go until she gets a new dress and borrows a fancy jewel from her wealthier friend.

Mathilde Loisel was born “into a family of clerks,” and since she had not dowry and could not marry rich, she had to marry a lowly clerk.  Even though this made her comfortable, it did not make her wealthy and respectable.  Her husband wasn’t a “rich and distinguished man” who could shower her with jewels.  You would think, never having known anything different, that Mathilde would be satisfied.  No such luck.

She dressed plainly because she could not dress well, but she was unhappy as if she had really fallen from a higher station; since with women there is neither caste nor rank, for beauty, grace and charm take the place of family and birth.

Apparently being beautiful made...

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