What were three obstacles in Chapt. 8-16 in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"? What was the solution and who proposed it?

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The story of Huck and Jim’s adventures on the river in some ways seems nothing but obstacles overcome. After Huck decides (Chapter 8) to help Jim escape, the remaining chapters include numerous variants of their near apprehension. Although Huck had run away, he was presumed dead and he later learns that people think Jim killed him. Although his friends would be glad to see his safe return, he could face consequences for helping a black man flee slavery.

One related obstacle is their nearly getting caught on the island (Chapter 11). Disguised as a girl, Huck conducts a reconnaissance mission on the mainland and thereby learns that the campfire smoke has attracted attention so the men will be looking for Jim. Returning to the island, he warns Jim and they leave on the raft and canoe.

After an eventful trip to Saint Louis, complicated by a storm on the river, they run short of food. Huck overcomes this obstacle by going ashore and stealing food at night. When his curiosity gets the best...

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