What three negative traits prove that Julius Caesar was a complicated man and leader?

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Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Three negative traits that prove Julius Caesar was a complicated man and leader are:

1. He was sexually wanton. He had a number of affairs with married women. He had an affair with Cleopatra in Alexandra, Egypt. In 46 BC, he permitted Cleopatra to visit him in Rome. This was in opposition to public feeling concerning this and showed his disregard for the sentiment of the public. In addition, Julius Caesar divorced his second wife after only two years of marriage. His first wife had died.

2. His excellent literary quality writing was, in essence, propaganda material. Julius Caesar’s writings, as well as his speeches served his political purposes only it seems. He was an accomplished public speaker. His funeral speeches for his wife and aunt were turned into political propaganda. In addition, the accounts he gave of his wars were delicately engineered to make the reader see Julius Caesar’s acts in a way that he chooses for them to see them.

3. He lived by the sword and died by the sword. Julius Caesar became the governor of Gaul, which is present-day France and Belgium. He captured the rest of Gaul, up to the river Rhine between 58 and 50 BC. He was brutal to his enemies. For example, in one case, Caesar waited until his opponents' water supply had gone dry. He subsequently ordered that the hands of all the remaining survivors be cut off. However, Julius Caesar himself met a brutal death. He was assassinated by a group of nobles. They killed him at the Senate House in Rome on March 15, 44 BC (the Ides of March).

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