From To Kill A Mockingbird, I need 3 examples of why Boo is a hero. Please help. I already have that he saves Jem and Scout. What are two more?

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In To Kill A Mockingbird, Boo Radley is a hero the night Jem tears his pants on the fence. Jem has to strip down, leaving his pants caught in the fence. Boo Radley finds the pants. He notices the pants are ripped. Boo sews the pants and folds them and places them on top the fence so Jem can find them. Boo Radley's actions are honorable. He is a hero by saving Jem from having to explain why his pants are torn. 

On the night that Miss Maudie's house catches on fire, Scout is sitting outside in the cold, watching the house burn. Boo behaves like a hero by getting a blanket and putting it around a shivering Scout. Out of nowhere, Boo appears and quickly places the blanket on Scout. Then he disappears.

When Boo performs these acts of kindness, Jem and Scout see a different side to Boo's personality. He has a big heart. Truly, Boo cares about Jem and Scout. He treats them with tenderness. Boo is not as scary as Jem and Scout had once imagined. He does become like hero for the children:  

Boo is revealed to be a gentle soul through his unseen acts: the gifts he leaves in the tree; his mending of Jem's torn pants; the blanket he puts around Scout the night of the fire; and finally, his rescue of the children from Bob Ewell' s murderous attack.


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