Describe a battle speech that one of the characters might have given in Shakespeare's Macbeth.

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There are two obvious times when a battle speech might be given by one of the characters in Macbeth by William Shakespeare. The first is in Act I when Macbeth is leading the king's troops into battle against the Scottish rebels and others. Unfortunately, that scene is not presented on stage. 

Like so many of the battle scenes in Shakespeare's plays, this one is would be difficult to stage because of the logistics of the Globe's small stage. Instead, a messenger reports the actions and results of the battle back to the king (as well as the audience). Because of this, Macbeth's delivery of an inspiring battle speech at this moment is not workable.

The other obvious time is more workable. In Act V scene v, Macduff and Malcolm along with the Siward 's English troops have gathered on Dunsinane Hill, ready to approach Macbeth's castle. The Scottish king has not seem them because all the men have placed tree boughs in front of themselves, and instead of a moving army they look like an eerily moving...

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