How do you think David could have the mental stamina to endure such brutal treatment? would you be able to handle this torture?

Expert Answers
kiwi eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is likely that over time Peltzer  has dissociated himself from the cruel and violent abuse to which he was subjected as a child, and which formed the basis of his novel. By writing about his terrible experiences, Peltzer has managed to overcome the physical and mental wounds which were inflicted upon him. He has used his personal experiences to bring the subject of abuse to the consciousness of the wider reading public and has created an audience gripped by his series and his triumph over adversity.

The level of violence described in this chapter has been questioned by critics as to its accuracy. In my opinion, whether or not the severity of the events is exaggerated or not is not really the issue. By highlighting the level of cruelty which can exist, the continued and systematic nature of the abuse and the way in which ‘normality’ can be sustained elsewhere in the family unit is a dramatic and important message to the world.

Peltzer certainly endured a profound and horrific level of abuse. The strength of the human spirit is also an important message in the novel, and I am sure that few could survive the life that Peltzer experienced without serious effects on their mental and physical health. Peltzer did endure, however.  Perhaps the message is we do not know our own strength unless our fortitude is challenged in the way his was.