i need 14 events in the rime of the ancient mariner so i could make a log book please i need helphow was the weather or the date anything would help

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amymc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You are basically looking for a basic timeline of events so that you can expand them into a sailor's log. Consider the following:

The mariner accosts a wedding guest and forces him to listen to his tale which begins as follows:

  1. the ship sets sail
  2. the ship is caught in ice and fog
  3. the albatross arrives
  4. ship is freed from peril
  5. the mariner kills the albatross
  6. the ship is stranded at the equator
  7. the men begin to dehydrate
  8. the mariner must wear the albatross around his neck
  9. the ghost ship with Death and Life-in-Death arrive
  10. Life-in-Death gambles and wins the life of the mariner
  11. All the remaining men drop dead
  12. The mariner endures solitude and fear alone with the corpses
  13. The mariner sees various sea creatures and realizes their beauty
  14. The albatross falls from his neck
  15. The dead men arise and their bodies work the ship
  16. The ship is caught in a whirlwind and eventually arrives at the mariner's homeland
  17. The ship is destroyed
  18. The mariner is saved by a priest, the pilot and his boy

The mariner admits that his retribution is to tell and retell his story to those who somehow need to hear it.

I have given you more than 14 points.  You can omit or combine these to serve your needs.

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