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I need 10 quotes that demonstrate that Sidney Carton's wasted life can be redeemed through his love for Lucie Manette in Charles Dickens Tale of Two Cities.

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The brilliant but dissipated Sidney Carton first sees the paragon of Victorian heroines, Lucie Manette, in the courtroom where Charles Darnay is on trial for treason. Carton is so taken with her distraught and delicate appearance that he revives his sluggish soul and rescues the object of her feminine attentions: he raises doubt about the certainty of Darnay's being the actual perpetrator of the crime because of his strong resemblance to Carton, as well as by discrediting the witnesses, Basard, a spy, and Cly, his friend.

Following the trial, Carton takes Darnay to a tavern where Darnay may dine. After Darnay departs, Carton derides himself sarcastically for the unfortunate changes he has made in himself and for his reasons for inviting Darnay to join him:

(1) A good reason for taking to a man that he shows you what you have fallen away and what you might have been!

This is the first step in self-improvement: the recognition of where he is in his life. In Chapter 5 of Book II, as he...

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