What are 10 quotes from To Kill a Mockingbird representing courage?

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Here are a few more examples of courage and bravery found in To Kill a Mockingbird:

Little Chuck Little.  Scout's classmate is "among the most diminutive of men," but when Burris Ewell threatens Miss Caroline, Little Chuck steps up to defend her.

... when Burris Ewell turned toward him, Little Chuck's right hand went to his pocket. "Watch your step, Burris," he said. "I'd soon's kill you as look at you." (Chapter 3)

Dick Avery.  Scout's neighbor loves to spend time with Miss Stephanie, sharing in her gossip, and he blames the children for the unseasonable cold weather that hits Maycomb. He is best known to the children for his nocturnal peeing habit, but when Miss Maudie's house burns, he is the last man out of her blazing home.

... men shouted, "Come down from their, Dick! The stairs are going! Get outta there, Mr. Avery!"
     "Scout, he's stuck..." breathed Jem. "Oh, God..."
     Mr. Avery was wedged tightly. I buried my head under Jem's arm and didn't look again until Jem cried, "He's got loose, Scout! He's all right!"  (Chapter 8)

Boo Radley.  Boo goes from being ghoul to hero in the final chapters when he heroically fights off Bob Ewell to save the children.

     "I never heard tell that it's against the law for a citizen to do his utmost to prevent a crime from being committed, which is exactly what he did."  (Sheriff Tate, Chapter 30)

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