I need 10 facts at least about germany in the 1930s through 1945 during world war 2.

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Hello! You asked about Germany in the 1930's through 1945 during WWII. I will list some good links below which you can use for your research. Besides the usual facts, here are 10 of the most interesting facts about Germany you may not have heard of:

1)The German ME-163 Comet was the only rocket-powered fighter aircraft to have ever been operational.

2)The US is the only nation that Germany formally declared war on during WWII.

3)Germany's pilot, Erich Hartmann, the Blond Knight, was the ace fighter pilot of all nations involved in WWII-he is credited with 352 kills.

4)William Hitler was Adolph Hitler's nephew. He also served in the US Navy during WWII.

5)Germany lost twice as many generals in WWII than the US.

6)The greatest battle in the history of tank warfare was fought between Germany and Russia in the Battle at Kursk (July 4-22 , 1943). More than 3600 tanks took part.

7)The Germans were the first to use fighter jets during WWII.

8)The V-2, the world's first long-range combat ballistic missile, was developed by a German scientist, Wernher von Braun.

9)The V-2 complex was eventually captured by the Allied forces and von Braun, along with 500 of his fellow German scientists, surrendered plans and test vehicles to the Americans.

10)The German V-1 flying bomb was actually a very early cruise missile, developed by the Luftwaffe.

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1.hitler ruled 2.jews were killed 3. germany only declared war on usa 4.nazis were assholes who had no lifeĀ 

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