I need one song that relates to power and has figurative language in it.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I went with the idea that music is a form of poetry, and coupled with the use of figurative language, moved this question to the "Poetry" group.  In reflecting on this, I would use a song from U2 that talks about the abuse of power.  Off of their album, "The Joshua Tree," check out the track, "Mothers of the Disappeared."  While there are different interpretations of it, the song is about mothers whose children were kidnapped in South and Central America.  The song has chilling references to the Dirty War in Argentina, where state sponsored terrorism resulted in the abduction of thousands of children, such as students, journalists, or any young person who spoke out against the government.  Similar practices in El Salvador prompted the group to write the song.  Steeped in the voices of those who suffered from the abuse of power, pay attention to examples of imagery such as, "Cut down and taken from us" or the description of how the night "hangs like a prisoner," a deliberate example to highlight governmental abuse of power.  The entire song of mourning and the mood created within it help to bring to light how power and its abuse can create profoundly sad and painful conditions on citizens.