"The Necklace" Guy de Maupassant.  What could the Loisels do to help them move on with their lives?

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What could they do that would help them move on with the rest of their lives, following Mathilde's realization that the necklace had been fake? Now that Mathilde knows what it means to be poor and what it means to work hard, she should appreciate the life of the poor and maybe even take pride in being such a hard worker. After all, she took pride in repaying the debt. 

Mme. Loisel now knew the horrible existence of the needy. She took her part, moreover, all of a sudden, with heroism. 

She should recognize that her husband had always been heroic to her, always trying to give her what she needs or wants. The best way for the two of them to move on with their lives is for Mathilde to stop dreaming about luxury and start appreciating what she has always had: a dedicated husband who is willing to help her spend ten years repaying a debt incurred in one night. It would also help their marriage if he would become a more disciplined man in terms of how he relates to his wife. He is a hard worker but he shows weakness in giving his wife whatever she wants. Maybe marriage counseling would help them in the long run. 

It stands to reason that work and/or keeping busy has helped Mathilde learn some humility. And it keeps her mind off of daydreaming about a better life. Note that she was the hit of the ball in a modest dress and a necklace made out of paste. Since people could not have been in awe over her attire, it must have been her high spirits. Here again, perhaps a psychiatrist is necessary to help Mathilde realize that it was her positive attitude that allowed her to have such fun at the ball. Mathilde needs some way to have this epiphany. They can not move on with their lives in the spirit of optimism unless she realizes that all she needs to be happy is a dedicated husband and a necklace made out of paste. 

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