Is it necessary to use judgement when you want to strategize a new way of doing something?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I suppose it is not necessary to use any kind of judgement when strategizing a new way of doing something.  It is possible that you decide to simply use a random mixture of new variables in an attempt to answer your question or solve your problem.  You could even decide to do the exact same thing as before and hope that a completely different outcome occurs.  

You are more likely to have some kind of success though, if you use some kind of judgement when strategizing a new method.  By using judgement, you give yourself the opportunity to isolate things that worked well the first time. You can also isolate things that didn't work well.  That, in turn, allows you to implement changes in the areas that need the most improvement.  So instead of randomly making changes to everything, you are only making changes that focus on improving weaknesses.  

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