Near the end of chapter 5, what was decided during the selection about Eliezer's father? What happened to him after the decision was made?

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In Chapter 5, Eliezer and his father are forced to go through the first selection process. Eliezer takes off his clothes and sprints in front of the SS guards. Eliezer passes the selection process and is ecstatic to see that his father also passed the selection. A few days pass and their block leader eventually informs the prisoners that there will be a second selection process. Unfortunately, Eliezer's father was chosen to go through the selection process for the second time. Before the selection begins, Eliezer shares an emotional moment with his father. Eliezer's father gives his son his knife and spoon in case he is chosen. Eliezer is extremely depressed and worried that his father will not pass the second selection. Fortunately, when Eliezer returns from work his father is waiting for him. Eliezer's father was deemed healthy enough to continue working at the camp. Eliezer then gives his father back his knife and spoon. Later on in the chapter, Eliezer and his father are forced to evacuate the concentration camp because the Russian forces are closing in.

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