Native Americans used a traditional method for producing pots that did not involve a potter's wheel. What was that process called?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some Native American tribes, like the Pueblos, believed that pottery may possess the spirit of the pottery maker if made spiritually with good intentions and in tune with the material (Pueblo Pottery). Native Americans use different shapes of pottery for different functions. While some are functional as water and grain carries, others are made for ceremonial uses.

One method Native Americans used was by weaving a basket, covering it in mud, and baking/firing the basket until dry. Two other methods used by Native Americans were coiling and pinching

Coiling is where clay is rolled out into long pieces. These long pieces are then laid one on top of the other. The potter can control thickness, size, and form by using the rolled pieces individually.

Pinching typically creates smaller pottery pieces. A ball of clay is pinched with the thumb and index finger. The ball is turned and pinching continues until the desired form is made.