The Poisonwood Bible Questions and Answers
by Barbara Kingsolver

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Is Nathan Price treated fairly in The Poisonwood Bible? Why or why not

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Of course this is entirely subjective, but I think Nathan Price in The Poisonwood Bible is treated fairly.  Throughout the novel, Nathan only really acknowledges his own motives and desires while neglecting those of others.  At the beginning of his mission, he does not respect the culture of the villagers and makes the women feel ashamed of being topless.  When the congregation begins to pull away from him, he tries to bribe them to come to church.  Nathan's mission is driven by his guilt over surviving the war rather than by a true desire to share his religion with the people of the village.  Once tension mounts, his wife Orleanna tells him that they should go home, but he disregards her feelings and her warnings.  So, because Nathan refuses to listen and reason with others, he must bear the brunt of whatever comes his way.

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