Is the narrative of the novel "Frankenstein" a good way to write the novel?Is the narrative of the novel "Frankenstein" a good way to write the novel?

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This is a completely subjective question and, therefore, the answer will be subjective as well.

The narration of Frankenstein is one which transitions repeatedly throughout the novel. In the beginning, the narrative voice belongs to Walton. It then moves to Victor, then to the creature, back to Victor, and finally ends with Walton again.

The purpose of using so many different narrative voices provides insight into each of the characters as necessary to give more insight into each of the characters.

Here, Shelley knew the importance of giving each character's perspective and how it would help the reader to relate and empathize with each character.

Therefore, one could say that this type of narration provides a perfect transition from character to character while allowing the reader to understand each POV.

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