Please give me ideas for how and where to start my narrative autobiographical essay. I'm writing this essay for English, and my teacher is requiring so much information that I am completely overwhelmed. Requirements are: family and academic history, a detailed desription of one experience that has impacted the person you've become, an interview with a relative or close friend about a shared experience (must include dialogue verbatim in essay), and plans for the future. This essay requires more information than I have ever had to include in a narrative essay before, and I don't know how I should start this one. Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to create an interesting hook and thesis? I'm positive that once I get my first paragraph done, the rest will flow efforletlessly. I'm just not sure how to incorporate so much information into an essay that is only supposed to be 2000-2200 words long! 

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If possible, consider using the formative experience as the basis for the beginning of your essay. Introduce the impact that event has made on your life as related to your family's interactions, your academic activities, and your plans for your future.

In the body of your essay, provide more information about this critical episode in your life. Include in that description quotes taken from your interview with someone who shared the event with you and who understands how it has changed your life. Other paragraphs in your essay can more fully present information about how your family has supported you in continuing to grow as a result of the experience, how it has shaped your class selections and extra-curricular activities, and how it has impacted your planning for post-high school training.

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