House of the Spirits

by Isabel Allende

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Narration and Point of View I need help to find and make notes of quotations for each narrator. At least 3 examples for each narrator. With use of subject-specific terminology, what each narrator reveals and why they have been used. And, who are the narrators or should I say who is first second and third person throughout the novel?

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First of all, first, second and third person are descriptions of point of view. A novel typically has one. First person means that the main character is telling the story, and uses I and me. Third person tells the story from every character (known as omniscient) or one character but uses the more distant approach by referring to the character by name, or using he or she when telling the story (known as limited). I suggest you begin by reviewing the enotes on this book. You can view the summary here: for this book.

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