Narrate the story A Lickpenny Lover. Do you think Masie was right in rejecting the proposal of Irvin ??

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mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a short story written by O Henry. He has such a beautiful way with words, that even though the story itself is short, the meaning is clear. 

Masie is a 29 year old that works in the biggest store in New York. She sells gloves and every man that comes in, falls for her. She is used to the flirtations of these men. She is beautiful and has a fun personality. One day, Irvin Carter comes into the store to buy gloves. He is a wealthy man and once he sees Masie, he falls in love with her. He asks her if he can call on her, but she tells him he can't come to her place. She lives in a tiny apartment with her mother and siblings, but she agrees to meet him. They see each other for a couple of weeks, and Carter wants to marry her. He tells her of all the places they will go. He tells her they can go to Italy and ride on the gondolas and to India or any place she wants to go. He tells her that he can give her a life of luxury. Masie thinks he is just saying these things to make her believe him. She is so used to men telling her grand stories, just to get her to be with them. She doesn't believe that Carter is who he says he is and turns him down. The next day at work she tells a friend that he wanted to marry her and go down to Coney Island for a wedding tour. 

It is funny when you think of Masie telling her friend about going to Coney Island. When Carter was telling her about all the places they would go, Masie immediately thought he was poor and was talking about staying in New York. She didn't have enough sense to realize, that this man was the real deal. He could have given her the life she always wanted. Instead she misjudged him and ruined her chances for with a man that loved her and life that would have been easy for her. 

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