Napoleon and Snowball had differing opinons concerning defense in Animal Farm. Explain how each leader felt the farm should be protected.

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I agree.  Napoleon clearly advocated the use of force in any confrontation in order to keep the farm.  Snowball, on the other hand, was a bit more of a diplomat.  He studied Roman war theory and wanted to create a worldwide power grab in order to place every farm on equal footing.  If all had what Animal Farm had, he figured, there would be no need for fighting.  Ironically, when the attack does come, Napoleon is in hiding while Snowball leads the charge.  Napoleon does end up using force to keep the farm; but, ironically, he uses it against his fellow animals.

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Chapter 5 describes several disagreements between Napoleon and Snowball, and states that the matter of defense was the most heated.  Napoleon insisted that the animals must obtain guns and learn how to use them.  In this way the animals would be able to kill and defeat any humans that attacked them.  Snowball’s strategy was to send the pigeons to all the other farms and persuade the animals to take control there, too.  His point was that, if animals were in control everywhere, the humans would not be able to attack any of them in the first place.


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