Identify a Hollywood movie with Africans/ African- Americans as a villains.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While I might be a fan of the James Bond series, the film Live and Let Die featured a real healthy dose of racial stereotyping. The fact that many refer to the film as the "Exploitation Bond Film" might be an example of the racist overtones present in it.  The idea of depicting people of color as either urban drug lords or corrupt leaders of banana republics is affirmed through the film.  Dr. Kananga/ Mr. Big is the embodiment of racial stereotyping.  Shown to be either violent or cruel, it represents a particular fear or projected image of how many view Black people in the position of power.  The use of voodoo as literally something carnal and its demonization as "the other" is reflective of a particular discomfort with its worship.  This is also used to stereotype Black people in the position of power, as the film shows that Dr. Kananga has no need other need for it but to keep the villagers in check and to scare off White people who are seen as the saviors and the only forces that can stop such "bizarre" behavior.  The final construction of Baron Samedi as some type of transcendental power that delivers judgment, a figure whose demonic laughter is also laden with racial overtones.  Transcendent figures for the Black community are seen as heavily demonstrative and almost demonic, as opposed to forces of unification.  In the film, each is seen as a villain, something malevolent, and it does not hurt that all of these figures are African or African- American.  In contrast, Bond and the forces of good are the concerned White community set out to destroy the rise of the villain of color, whose power supposedly threatens all of humanity.