Name 3 things that Waverly learns in "The Rules of the Game."

Expert Answers
sboeman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the chapter "Rules of the Game" from Amy Tan's novel The Joy Luck Club, Waverly Jong learns some valuable lessons, both from her mother and from her own personal experiences.

One idea that she learns is "the art of invisible strength".  Her mother taught her this when she was rather young and Waverly understands this concept, applying it to her chess matches: she can envision her opponents' moves, understands the "invisible" forces of the game, etc.

Waverly also learns that her choices have consequences.  For example, after arguing with her mother about showing her off, Waverly states that she will never play chess again.  Lindo, her mother, remains calm and distant.  Waverly soon returns and wants to continue playing chess, but Lindo mentions that she cannot simply choose when to stop and start these kinds of things.

Finally, it seems Waverly learns that her mother is dominant over her.  The chapter ends with Waverly envisioning a "chess match" with her mother, her "opponent" with "two angry black slits" for eyes.  She, the white chess pieces, does not stand a chance and she watches as they "...[fall] off the board one by one."