name of writer of this drama novelwho is the writer of russian novel dr.giwagho during october revolution? there is a movie that acter omar sharif has played in it.

jaelm | Student

Dr. Zhivago was written by Boris Pasternak.  He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1958.

Omar Sharif starred in the 1965 film version of Dr. Zhivago.  The movie won several awards including the Oscar for Best Picture.

The novel takes place in Russia during the early twentieth century. The characters are affected by many important events in Russian history, including the October Revolution of 1917.

sensush23 | Student

The novel you mention is ‘Doctor Zhivago’. The author is Boris Pasternak. Its first English translation was published in 1958. It was one of the few literary works from post-revolution Russia. This is a deeply moving narrative of love, with some beautiful poetry by Pasternak.

The protagonist, Doctor Yury Zhivago, comes of an aristocratic family. As a practicing doctor Yury moves across the country – from Moscow to remote parts of Ukraine and gets pulled into the vortex of pain and change accompanying the changing order of the day, due to revolution and gradual shaping of the Soviet. He is also a poet and a humanist. The narrative is a vibrant expression of his encounter with Russia, with questions and discussions on the political philosophy of the State, and the stature and relevance of the individual and his joy, love or aspirations.