Name the type of mutation that does not effect protein synthesis.Biology

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  • Missense mutation

In this type of mutation the new nucleotide alters the codon due to which a diferent amino acid is synthesised during translation.

In this type of mutaion final product is changed but this mutation do not effect the protein synthesis.

  • Silent mutation

Most of the amino acid like leu, pro they have multiple codons and replacing the codons will not effect the protein synthesis and also the final product.

For example Leu has 6 codons they are TTA, TTG, CTT, CTC, CTA, and CTG, if TTA in a mRNA is replaced by TTG due to silent mutation still it will code for Leu, therefore will not effect the protein synthesis.

  • Non sense mutation

Due to non sense mutaion the codons are replaced by stop codons and thus alters the protein synthesis.

Point mutation

change in the single base pair in the DNA

Thus Silent mutation should be the type of mutation which do not alter or effect the protein synthesis.

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It is called as "nonsense mutation". It is a type of point mutation.


here on of the nitrogeneous bases get mutated (insertion, deletion, addtion etc) in such a way that the amino acid that is coded by the codon doesnt change.

Example: if the original codon is CAU, and it get mutated in such a way that U is replace by C. then the new codon would be CAC. But both of these codon code for histidine. so it doesnt effect the proteins synthesis.


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