Name two problems that the character in the Sudden Silence experienced?

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janeyb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All of the characters in "Sudden Silence" deal with problems. If you are refering to Jesse, who is the main character, his problems stem from the death of his brother Bry. Jesse finds himself falling for Chloe, the girlfriend of his deceased brother Bry. Jesse struggles with this realization. Jesse's other main problem in the novel is his guilt over his brother's death. Jesse feels as though he could have done more to prevent Bry's death.

revolution | Student

Jesse felt that he was falling heads over heels over her dead brother's girlfriend, Chloe and felt morally wrong to snatch away his girlfriend when he died. He felt guilty conscious in his mind and thought of cheating his brother was bad thing to do, making himself sound despicable and a low person. She also felt really bad for not helping enough to prevent his brother from dying and felt he could have done more to prevent such tragedy to happen. I think that Jesse should not be so hard on himself as death can be unexpected just like the wind and that his brother had already died and nobody could stop Jesse from loving someone.

itchy | Student

one of the problems is that Jesse feels guilty for not grabing or helping Bry to safety ,and the other it that Jesse falls in love with Chloe and doesn't want to show it because he knew Bry liked her.

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