Name two books Mr. Henshaw has written in the story Dear Mr. Henshaw.

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Two books written by Mr. Henshaw are Ways to Amuse a Dog and Moose on Toast.

The central character, Leigh Botts, is first exposed to Mr. Henshaw's Ways to Amuse a Dog when his second grade teacher reads the book aloud to the class.  Leigh is so impressed by the book that he writes a short note to the author telling him that he likes it.  Since Leigh is only in the second grade, he mispells the word "liked", writing "licked" instead.

The next year, when Leigh is in the third grade, he reads the book Ways to Amuse a Dog on his own, and writes a much longer and more sophisticated letter to the author telling about his experience.  He says that Ways to Amuse a Dog is "the first thick book with chapters that (he has) read".  In the fourth grade, Leigh makes a diorama about his now favorite book by Mr. Henshaw, and writes the the author again, requesting a personal response.  Leigh relates to the book so well because he has a dog of his own, and he tells Mr. Henshaw that he is "a great enjoyer of (his) books".

When he is in the fifth grade, Leigh does a book report on Ways to Amuse a Dog.  He finally receives a letter back from Mr. Henshaw, to whom he has continued to write.  Mr. Henshaw suggests that Leigh read a different book that he has written, entitled Moose on Toast.  Leigh discovers that he likes this second book "almost as much" as his all-time favorite, Ways to Amuse a Dog.