Name three times that Scout tried to take Atticus's advice by walking in someone else's shoes.

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Once Scout’s father has given her the advice to look at things from the other person’s perspective, she tries to put it into practice.

One place we see this effort develop is in her changing attitude toward Arthur ("Boo") Radley. After he starts leaving things in the tree’s knothole, Scout starts to look at him as a person rather than believing the gossip that circulates in town. Her full understanding of his humanity comes at the novel’s end, when he visits their home after saving their lives.

After Calpurnia takes the Finch children to her church one Sunday, Scout’s image of their housekeeper expands considerably. She begins to realize that Cal has to live a double life. At first, she criticizes Cal’s manner of speech among her neighbors, but she then expresses desire to become more familiar with her personal life, asking if she can visit her home sometime.

Although the experience with...

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