Name three times that Scout tried to take Atticus's advise by walking in someone else's shoes.I need three different passages from the book where Scout atempted to walk in someone else's shoes.

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In chapter 18, Scout sees Mayella take the stand and empathizes with her.  She states that she might even be the loneliest person in the world.  As Atticus questions her, Scout (and the reader) get a view into her wretched life.  Yet, Scout doesn't condemn her.  She just feels sorry for her because of all that she has been through.

Another example is at the end of chapter 24.  Scout is trying to do her part and fit in as a young lady (she is wearing a dress and trying to act lady-like) as Aunt Alexandra has her circle of friends over for tea.  Even though several of the ladies are being hypocritical, Scout bites her tongue.  She even takes several insults quietly.  She is trying to step into her Aunt's skin and behave as a proper Finch lady should.  This is revealed at the end of the chapter when Scout declares (after learning of Tom's death) that if her aunt could act like a lady at a time like this, she could too.

A final example of Scout taking Atticus's advice is in the last chapter.  After walking Boo home, she stops and looks at his window.  Then she imagines what it must have been like to be Boo, watching the kids play outside day after day.  Then she realizes how vital they were to him.  For when he saw they were in danger, he came to aid them.  This is a powerful way to help conclude the novel, for it shows that Scout has truly started to empathize with others.

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