Name three local issues, choose one issue that you want to discuss and why did you select this issue.Name three local issues, choose one issue that you want to discuss and why did you select this...

Name three local issues, choose one issue that you want to discuss and why did you select this issue.

Name three local issues, choose one issue that you want to discuss and why did you select this issue.

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Ashley Kannan | Middle School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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In terms of local issues, I am not sure which "local" is your "local."  I will focus on two local issues in the United States, and one from abroad.  I hope this works for you.

Issue one:  Youth violence in Chicago.  The issue of youth violence has been increasing in Chicago.  Drive by shootings and gun violence killing school aged children has become a significant problem.  Obviously, anytime young kids are victims of random acts of fatal violence, it is a significant problem.

Issue two:  Budget troubles in California.  It has been 19 days since the state of California has operated without a budget.  The state is unable to pay for its social and public services, and the major sticking point is how to pay for education.  State employees are being forced to taking three "furlough" days off and a 20% pay cut.  Even this does not seem to stop the layoffs of about 2000 state employees in the near future.  This is a major issue for when the state is out of money, it has dire impacts for all of its citizens.

Issue three:  Preparations to receive pilgrims in Rameswaram for Adi Amavasai ceremonies. Many devotees are heading for a religious pilgrimage to Ramanathswamy temple in Rameswaram, India to perform their holy ‘duties’ for the departed ancestors, pray for their salvation and redeeming themselves from the sins of the previous births. People also come here for relief from the inflictions of the adverse effects of the planets.  This is important because it fulfills conditions of spirituality, which is extremely important to devotees.


When examining local issues, I find it works to identify one or two that are happening right now, in real time, and impacting the community in some way.  You will have to determine for yourself what you consider to be local issues with impact, but I chose three examples that can be your guide.

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dbello | High School Teacher | (Level 1) Educator

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Your post does not define 'local' as part of the inquiry, therefore I've chosen three local issues that pertain to my community.

1. The continuing toll hikes on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge linking Staten Island to Brooklyn.

2. The delay in cleaning up the Fresh Kills land fill.

3. Overcrowding in Staten Island public high schools.

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge opened in 1964 with a toll of 50 cents each way. When the bridge opened the 69th street ferry to Brooklyn closed, leaving Staten Islanders one link between it and the rest of the city it was a part of. It was decided by local leaders that when the bridge was paid for it would become free. Needless to say that has never happened and to add insult to injury the toll is now $11.00 round trip. Although many non Islanders use the bridge, it is fair to say that the majority of its users are Staten Islanders because it is their only access to get to Manhattan without going through New Jersey. Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx have both bridge and subway access to Manhattan both of which cost much less than what Staten Islanders have to pay.  What seems so unfair is that several bridges those bridges have no toll at all. This issue has been before the City Council many times over the years, however with the exception of the reduced fare rate via EZ pass (which is still more money than what the other boroughs pay to reach Manhattan) this issue as yet to see a fair resolution.

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Susan Hurn | College Teacher | (Level 1) Educator Emeritus

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The best place to find the particular issues that are significant in your community is your local newspaper. Reading a current local newspaper and a few recent back issues of the paper should help you identify what is happening in your community that is causing controversy or conflict. Sometimes local issues gain national news coverage. If you find one of these, you can then research the issue online.